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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 7, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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he says he wants to make sure that information about special operations tactics, techniques and procedures were not leaked. when asked about the probe, a white house spokesman jay carney brushed off the allegations. from cnn's world headquarters, bringing you news and analysis from across the nation, and aishd around the globe, live from studio 7, this is cnn saturday morning. >> from the cnn center, this is cnn saturday morning. good morning to you. it's saturday, january 7th, 2012, the day before elvis presley's birthday. good morning. i'm gary tuchman. an american teenager who was mistakenly deported is now back on u.s. soil. we'll tell you how the 15-year-old dallas girl was sent to columbia. ahead, learn about the outrage of parents over their children's homework assignments.
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we'll have details. new hampshire appears to be one of the busiest places on earth today, at least in the united states. the candidates and the republican presidential race are make their final push ahead of the first in the nation presidential primary. mitt romney has a solid lead going into tuesday's primary, but if history serves in the lesson, his victory is anything but certain there. cnn's joe johns is following the day's developments from manchester. joe. >> hey, gary. call new hampshire ornery, perhaps. stoic, certainly very independent thinking, that pinch-hit for voting against the front-runner has been well established, but that will be tested here in new hampshire this time. it's because of mitt room me. not only is he the productive favorite in this race, the front-runner in the poll, he has a house in new hampshire and
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perhaps most importantly of all, he's the governor of the neighboring state. he's a within well known smodty here in new hampshire pep has been running very hard, trying to avoid any suggestion that he actually might be taking this state for granted or the voters. let's listen to something he said very recently here on the campaign trail. if we have leaders who will tell the truth and who will live with integrity, and who know how to lead, have had the experience of leadership and know how to lead, if they will draw on the patriotism of the american people, that we can overcome any challenge we have. and i intend to be one of those leader wes your help on tuesday. >> that's mitt romney in derry, new hampshire, just this morning. he's going to be severely tested if he wants to be the leader who comes out of new hampshire on top. he's got two debates in the space of 24 hours, one tonight
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and another tomorrow. what he'd like to do is run the table from iowa to new hampshire to south carolina and try to get a leg up on the other candidates by the end of january. now, let's talk a little bit about those other candidates. rick santorum is a guy who did very well, surprisingly, in iowa. he continues to spend a lot of time in new hampshire, even though a number of pundits and others think he would do best to go to south carolina where the crowd is more his type, including a lot of evangelicaev. he's spent a lot of time here. ron paul, reaching out to the younger crowd, the college crowd. this is the oldest candidate in the field and he's got the youngest following, you might say. and then newt gingerich, this is a guy who is very upset about what happened in iowa, upset about all the attack ads that were pointed at him, particularly from that super pac that was run by people connected to mitt romney.
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mitt -- i should say newt gingerich would really like to see something good happening for him in the state of new hampshire. so we're going to be following it all, gary. and we wish you were out here and i bet you'll come back before the end of the campaign, if you will. >> i'm thinking of coming back to new hampshire maybe tomorrow, joe. so i hope to see you there. but i want to ask you about newt gingerich's ability to debate. do you think this would propel him back in the positive direction in the polls? >> yeah. he's a great debater, quite frankly. you talk to people on the campaign trail both in new hampshire and south carolina and they say if they're concerned about something going into a debate with president barack obama, who would it be? the people who vote for newt geologic rich are most concerned
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about debates because they think newt gingerich could stand up to the president. everybody has different reasons for supporting one candidate or the other, but debates are tops on the list, if you will, when it comes to newt gingerich. >> joe, i cannot believe how light of a coat you have in new hampshire in january. it's remarkable. >> yeah. it's great. >> the weather is incredible. >> it's balmy. >> we're loving it. it makes covering politics -- >> we'll make it cold when you get out here. >> i do appreciate that. joe johns, everybody. >> you bet. cnn's live team coverage of the new hampshire primary in balmy new hampshire begins tuesday night, 7:00 eastern time. but before that coverage on tuesday, join fredericka witfield every sunday afternoon at 4:00 p.m. eastern for the contend contenders, 2012, an hour dedicated to the presidential republican contenders. right now, penn state is introducing its legendary coach
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replacement for joe paterno. it's bill o'brien from the new england patriots. the new was met by excitement from members of the team. >> i'm very excited about it. i talked to a couple of my buddies on the team. they're excited, as well. >> o'brien won't be coming to happy valley, pennsylvania, right away, though. he's going to stay with the patriots as long as they stay alive in the playoffs. the nfl playoffs begin today. we'll have to wait until at least wednesday to hear a plea from joren van der sloot. he was expected to plead guilty yesterday but instead, vander shoot asked the judge for more time to consider his plea. you may remember van der sloot was a suspect in the
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disappearance of alabama teenager natalee holloway in 200 5. a teenage run away convinces two governments she is someone else and then ends up being deported to south america, columbia, a country she's never been to. for months, her family searched. yesterday, finally, she returned home to dallas. ed lavandera fills us in. >> the stunning and embarrassing saga involving 15-year-old jakadrien turner cowell minute nated here at the airport. it was her grandmother who spent months and months scouring the internet trying to find any signs of her drand daughter who had run away from home back in november 2010. that was when the story all began to unravel. about turner was arrested in houston in april last year, gave authorities the fake name of
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tika cortez and said she was an illegal immigrant from columbia. essentially, the teenage run away got herself deported and now almost 15 months later she is back in dallas. there are a great number of questions that remain unanswered as to how she could have fooled so many people in so many ways and her attorney says someone will have to pay for that. >> jakadien turner walked out of the airport visibly upset. her mother and grandmother were very quiet. someone close to the family says all she wants to do is sit around and watch television with her family and try to reconnect after so much time. >> part of a trail outside
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tucson now bears the name of gabby gifford's aide, gabe zimmerman. >> who got the 00,000 new jobs? we'll break it down. first, a new study shows which college degrees make it harder to find jobs. according to the georgetown center on education in the workforce, recent college graduates have a 7.5 perns unemployment rate. humanities and liberal arts have 9.4% unemployment rates.
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sxwloo if you're looking for a job, art majors have an unemployment percentage of 11%. graduates with architecture degrees have the highest rate of unemployment right now, 13.9%. it's way above the national average. lower rates of home building and other construction are to blame for that number. the december jobs report is out and the december jobs number is down to 8.5%. that's the lowest number since february 2009. the good news is 200,000 new jobs were added. president obama says it's the highest number of private sector added since 20 05. he noted a lot of people are still hurting for work.
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7,000 in mining, 21,000 in leisure and positive hospitality. >> a lot of it has to do with the industries that the various groups are located in, particularly african-americans and his panic. those were the areas hit hard, particularly in manufacturing and retail. if you look at the job picture as a whole, those industries, 30% of the jobs that have not been recovered are in manufacturing. another 30% are construction and 15% in retail. so those are the industries where those great are most -- >> what i've heard, a lot of people say are that, hey, look at the month, december, iepts christmas season, holiday, new years, gifts. we may see more.
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>> they'll have to adjust their strategy. the numbers will get better and i think they will get significantly better. tu look at the labor market as a whole, we have not been stalled because corporations were pleading. but the economy is going to dproe rapidly. >> that was danny boston, professor at georgia tech university. a very unusual and upsetting way to learn about mathematics. ahead, hear about parents outraged about their children's homework assignment. nyquil: you know i relieve coughs, sneezing, fevers?
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. >> parents here in the state of georgia are outraged over an elementary school's math homework assignment. the work used examples of slavery and beatings and word problems. kerry cavanaugh with wsb has more. >> i had to explain to him why data daddy was upset because of the words that were used in that problem. >> the problem appeared on a third grater's math assignment. terrance barnett was outraged when he read his son's homework. one problem, each tree had 56 origin oranges. if eight slaves picked them equally, they how much would each slave pick? then another one, if frederick got two beatings per day, how many beatings would he get per
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week? >> i had to explain to my 8-year-old why slavery or beatings isn't a math problem. that hurts. >> dad, christopher maxton had the same reaction. >> you don't put that into the homework of any source. >> both dads contacted the principal and then they called us. they wanted to know how these questions ended up on a homework. i graduate that question to the gwinette school district officials. >> in this one, the teachers were trying to do a cross curricular activity. >> the third grade teachers were attempting to cross curriculums, adding social studies questions in this these questions. >> we understand there are concerns about these questions and we agree that these questions were not appropriate. >> whoever put together this paperwork, the schools shouldn't teach et this way. >> the school acknowledged its mistake and shredded the assignment.
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did the school do enough to handle the situation? now to the new year, your happy, your computer, tablet and smartphone are about to get even smarter. we'll sew you some gadgets you can use to sync up your rest.
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we've had our fun, but the holidays are over. it's time to start burning off all those calories we aid. we could with use any of a number of fitness apps on our smartphones, but now that's a smart watch. tech guru and hln digital expert mario armstrong hates.
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>> it's called the motorola modo active. it's a smart gps watch that tracks your fitness. so you can track your jogging, track walking or cycling. your heart rate, it can show you a gps map of where you're going, where you've been, and it's one of them smart watches because it's an mp3 player. learns over time with what music you perform best to. i'm impressed by it, putting it in the last week. >> that's what it sounds like, the future has arrived. >> yeah. >> now, there may be a solution for people to go and see that
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show for those of us have that trouble sleeping. >> yes. this is the lark sleeping monitor. this is a wrist ban that you wear at night. you sync this up with your computer. it measures your sleep activity. this is very important for health. many people stress out, many people don't get enough relaxation and get quality rest so they're having a rough tlooi time throughout the day. it can create a sleeping plan for you. it's almost like having a virtual sleep coach. so over time, it shows you a chart and can progress exactly how many times you wake up in the night and how many hours you actually slept and whether that was good or bad. really impressive stuff to give you updates. >> and everything from your blood pressure to your heart,
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time for top stories. people are protesting in the streets of nigeria as gasoline prices doubled, literally overnight. the government removp moving fuel subsidy on january 1st. it kept dpas lean prices artificially low for a long time. nigerians reacted angrily. police responded with force. now to kenya, nairobi, terrorists may be in the final stages of manning attacks. the uk statement says attacks may target places where ex
11:28 am
patriots gary such as hotels, shopping centers and beaches. but it does not offer details on who might carry out the attacks. a kenyan spokesperson says the attacks are not new. iran is calling the rescue of iran i can't know fishermen by u.s. sailors a, quote, humanitarian act. the pentagon said naval officials say the ship's captain deserves credit. after the rescue, one crew member embraced his liberators. that's quite a picture, considering was going on between the united states and iran right now. two men and two young boys are safe after a harrowing rescue. the men were out fishing with their 11-year-old sons when their boat caught fire and started to sink. a chopper crew quickly answered the call for help. >> the boat was on an angle, grabbed my wallet, ran out, by
11:29 am
that time, rick had life jackets on the boys. grabbed the air ski, jumped off the back deck and the boat sunk pretty well straightaway. >> how quick did it happen? >> like two seconds before it disappeared. >> riley smiles, that's his name and riley smiles is all smiles. >> still another rescue, this one off aroy hue, hawaii. the boat started taking in with all water after it sustained a baseball sized hole in its hull. a coast guard swimmer boarded the vufl and pumps were delivered to keep it afloat. the republican hopefuls are campaigning across new hampshire today. mitt romney was met with supporters in the early morning rally in the city of derry. ron paul ate breakfast at the state capital and rick santorum held a roundtable discussion in
11:30 am
college manchester. it was the first of four events santorum plans to hold today. this is newt gingerich, a crucial, crucial weekend, maybe more for newt gingerich than any other candidate. he's plunged in the polls recently, but there has been a lack of debates lately. he's considered a strong debater. there's a debate tonight, a dblt tomorrow and that is why this is an important weekend. he gets ready for the very important debate tonight. let's listen. >> this is his show and i want to say thank you for coming and thank you for all coming to see speaker gingerich. in he said before you get
11:31 am
involved with all the minutia that happens here, are you content to be in the minority here in fighting this liberal majority of democrats or do you want to take the bull by the horns and take control? i said i think the answer is obvious. he said, come on. and we met, about ten of us, in a closette. it's true. we plotted the revolution, but it's not finished. and the reason why i left the sunny area of key largo to be up here in the colds of new hampshire is because i believe in this man. we need him so desperately right now. i can't tell you, i couldn't even put into words how much i need that. if you saw the movie about ronald reagan and you realized all of reagan's dreams, all the things that he wanted to do, we helped him in the house and the
11:32 am
smeet. >> that's newt gingerich being induced by bob myth. once again, crucial day for newt beginning rich, his only appearance tonight. we'll see if his poll numbers can go up again. if they don't, he may be in big trouble, not only in new hampshire, but in south carolina and florida. >> rick santorum is hoping to build on his stunning games in iowa. the former pennsylvania senator is no stranger to washington, but his views are perhaps known as well known on the scene. here is a closer look at his record and what the presidential hopeful sees for the future. >> losing by eight votes has liberated rick santorum. we can tell you quite a bit about his -- he's established a reputation as a conservative in every sense of the word. just this past sunday in iowa,
11:33 am
santorum was at all talking about entitlement programs. >> i don't want to make people's lives better by giving them someone else's money. i want them to go out and earn the money. >> santorum's comments came in a state where most of his recipients are white. he says he was tongue tied. he said it was above his pay grade to see when a baby is entitled to human rights. >> is that human life a person under the constitution? and barack obama says, no. well, if that human life is not a person, then i think it's difficult to say who is and is not a people.
11:34 am
>>. >> if the supreme court says you have the right to consensual sex within your home, then you have the right to bigamy, you have the right to incest, you have the right to adultery. rough the right to anything. does that adjourn mine the fabric of our society? i would argue that yes, it does. and he continues, the definition of marriage had not ever, in my knowledge, included home know sexuality. that's not to pick on home mow consult. it's not, you know, man on child, man on dolg. santorum says he was trying to make a larger point about morality. >> i think one can have desires to do things which we believe are wrong, but it's when you act out those things that that is a problem. and i was simply reflecting that opinion and that belief structure that i happen to hold as a catholic. >> santorum is a supporter when
11:35 am
it comes to contraception. >> one of the things i will talk about, that no president has talked about before, is i think the dangers of contraception. it's not okay. it's a license to do things in a sexual realm that is counter to what happening nous. and regarding national defense, if elected as president, santorum says he will tell the iranians to dismantle their nuclear facilities and make them available as inspectors. if not -- >> we will degrade those facilities through air strikes and make it public that we were doing that. >> many thought rick santorum's political career was over after he lost in pennsylvania by 18 percentage points. but a star is once again rising. he hopes an iowa showing helps his broaden his reach in north carolina and beyond. >> for a closer look at rick
11:36 am
santorum's record as well as all those running for president, go to well, now it's time for that all important new hampshire primary weather forecast. we saw joe johns before standing that, it looks like he was about to cover the florida primary. sth is not weather we're used to seeing. >> and you're making tonight. >> park ya, the gloves, the whole thing? >> absolutely. right now, it's 38 degrees. that's warmer for their average time. temperatures are running 10 degrees above average. in the of course few days, we will see a little bit of evas kri lation, but still on the whole, above average. let's focus here on new hampshire. this is the satellite and radar composite and where the rain and snow or clouds will be. this is 7:00 monday morning. we'll put this into motion. you can see a few clouds, a weak front coming through, but relatively dry without any precipitation. so partly cloudy to partly sunny
11:37 am
skies will certainly be the rule of the day from monday into tuesday and even into wednesday. in terms of temperatures tuesday morning, 25 degrees in manchester, new hampshire. now, on the average, they should be at 11. take a look at berlin. far north. they will see a few snow showers tonight and tomorrow. suspect, they'll start the day tomorrow. it is certainly warmer than normal. on tuesday afternoon, 42. again, they should be 32. temperatures certainly running above average. and will continue to be. as mild, relatively speaking as it is in new england, it is certainly mild here along the eastern seaboard. atlanta, georgia, 64 today. you should be at 52 this time of year. record highs yesterday, fargo, 44. now, they should be well colder than that. so temperatures on the whole, much warmer than normal. 61 in washington. you should be only at 50 degrees. should be in the 30s from boston to new york. how about 50s for today? you can certainly get the picture. well warmer. here is this cold front or cool
11:38 am
front moving through, not arctic air by any means behind it. again wab we could see, a few showers in northern new england, but even the long-term projections still have us above average. >> alexandra steele, it's been nice talking about weather. >> you, too. can't wait to see you tomorrow. you think paying off your credit card debt all at once is a good deal, right? well, think again. on my journey,
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your debt with a holiday bonus or a tax refund, you may want to reconsider. paying your bills off could actually hurt your credit score. money coach collide anderson explains that in some other stealth digs to your score. >> it's a game. if you understand the criticism, you know how to work the criticism. what they want to see is you keep some sort of balance on there. think about it. that's what benefits the critters, that you're paying a little interest on those cards and you're now paying into their games. >> what do you mean a little bit of balance? >> generally, 30%. if you have a card you have a balance, keep about $300 on there. >> do you do that? >> yes, definitely. >> okay. i want to make sure that you practice what you preach. >> i do. i play the game. >> what else can unwittingly cause our credit ratings to
11:42 am
suffer? >> rental cars. to rent a rent a car and you use a debit card, it can hurt your credit score because they're pulling your credit score. that's a ding on your credit score. >> a ding is scientific term? >> it is. >> so it dings your score. >> yeah. >> i like that term. >> yes. >> it doesn't sound as bad as ruins your score. and also, apr. a lot of people will call the companies and say, hey, i need a lower interest rate. sometimes they reduce your limit, as well. now when your limit is reduced on a credit card, it can hurt your credit score, also. >> if you want your apr reduced, you have to make sure they don't reduce your limit. >> do not reduce my limit. what happens a lot of times is
11:43 am
some of the credit card companies are reducing those limits. so it reduces their risk, but it hurts your credit score. >> what should we do to improve our credit scores? >> one, paying your bills on time. also, monitor it. make sure things aren't going on that you don't know about. people say put a fraud alert. i think you need to have an alert to let you know before someone uses your credit. make sure you you know how to leverage that credit. >> smart guy. pay those bills on time. coming up next, taking a stand with flip-flops. too. you booked our room right? not yet, thanks for reminding me. wait, what? fret not ma'lady. i have the app so we can get a great deal even at the last minute.
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using scandals to make a statement, people in indonesia are protesting the trial of a 15-year-old boy who admitted to stealing a police officer's sandals. they're protesting by dumping hundreds of sandals at police stations. >> the significance of the flip-flops is that this week a 15-year-old boy was sentenced to a five-year term for doing what? for allegedly stealing some flip-flops from an officer. now, he stole them last year when he was only 14. and he only admitted to doing it after he was severely beaten.
11:47 am
and then this week got the sentence of five years. so the there's a protest around the country. let's hear what the national commitment of protection to children had to say as to why they're doing this. >> we came up with the idea of a thousands sandals we see as xwooeg being compensation for the sandals that were stolen opinion. >> this is a country where over 6,000 children a year, literally minors are held in prison. so it's very concerning. and this particular commission for the protection of adjourn, in 2002, they enacted the law for child protection, but it doesn't seem to have helped these kinds of things from happening. >> what's going on with the child right now? >> the child hats gone back to his parents. why?
11:48 am
because that's how effective the protests have been. i think it shows indeanus ways of protesting. i want you to to hear from the indonesian authorities as to what they say they are doing regarding minors. >> the commission is pushing to abolish juvenile punishment in indonesia. we hope it will be included in the bill. it means that first the child needs to be returned to their parents for guidance. then given training and education. and the harshest would be rehabilitation with the right understander vengz. >> is this legal, this protest? >> it's not really illegal. but, again, when you look at creative ways of protesting, it's unprecedented. so it's not illegal, but it's causing a great deal of embarrassment for the indonesian authorities and certainly look at the video it's causing a lot of worldwide attention, which is the pressure that it's caused them not to actually act at this
11:49 am
point because the youngman is back with his parents and not seem going serving the prison sentence at this point. >> it is very interesting. news room continues at the top of the hour with fredericka witfield. fred is my next door office neighbor. >> i know. >> and fredericka is the greatest office neighbor. i blair 80s punk rock music from my office and she never complains. >> it's fun to change our local of meeting. >> i agree. it's usually in dark hallways. >> i know, i know. >> it's good to see you. we have a lot coming ahead beginning in the noon eastern hour. joren van der sloot, we all know he's on trial in pure rue. but he's trying to maintain some controls of his destiny here. everyone remembers him from being the prime suspect in the natalee holloway suspect in aruba. now he's standing trial for the
11:50 am
murder of another young lady. initially he was going to plead guilty. now he's having second thoughts. then our legal guys are always with us on the always with us on the weekend, avery friedman, richard herman. you know how fantastic it is to have courtside seats at a basketball game, nba game. in one case we're going to explore an assault and battery case against kobe bryant of the lakers a young man sitting court side a little he was hit, impacted by kobe bryant as he was going for a ball and he suffered a lung bruise. three years later his estate is claiming he died of those injuries and they are suing kobe bryant. >> go to a game -- >> one -- >> baseball game. >> one will argue what about the venue. the venue has to protect the
11:51 am
spectators, to what extent should they when you're talking about courtside seats. we'll talk about all that. more than a third of children or adolescents are obese or overweight. we've seen a number of campaigns rolled out to try and address that. one popular fast-food chain is rolling out a new kids menu launched on monday. we'll have a preview of that menu. >> so healthy. >> it is supposed to be healthier, lower in fat. it will not be fried like you see a lot of chicken nuggets, which are very popular for a lot of kids. this will be grilled instead. >> i like chicken nuggets, too. >> who doesn't. and i love french fries. no french fries on this menu. we'll roll out which fast-food chain is rolling out the new menu. about now we're receiving credit card billings from holiday shopping. so in many cases people are feeling like they overextended themselves. why you should start and how you should start now to plan for
11:52 am
your holiday shopping come 2012. >> so we are going to learn how -- >> our mistakes. >> so by next year at this time we'll be much happier people because we'll spend more wisely. >> you plan, shopping throughout the year. everything from doing interesting math, equations on how to better prepare and save for that holiday shopping and then how to shop throughout the year to take advantage of some of the sales that roll out in certain months depending on the item you're going for. >> i bet you'll be talking about politics, too. >> of course. that's a given. that's why i don't even mention it. yeah, we're going to do that. we are politics headquarters. we have an incredible team spanned out across south carolina, new hampshire. we have all that covered as well. >> fredricka, good to see you. >> good to see you, too. >> high praise, newark, new jersey mayor cory booker will be honored with a trumpet award in atlanta. i'll talk to him about his work. a lot of patients are using toothpaste to clean their dentures.
11:53 am
you really want to be careful, you can't use something as abrasive as a toothpaste because it will cause scratches. as a result of those scratches, bacteria will get lodged in that denture and as they multiply in the mouth the odor can get stronger. i always advise my patients to use polident. it has specific agents in it that can kill bacteria. using polident daily, you definitely will not be creating the scratches. you're going to have a fresh bright smile, and you're going to feel confident.
11:54 am
11:55 am
e eye. now it's time for a look at interesting stories our affiliates are covering across the country. first, massachusetts. nothing ruins a robbery like a trooper in the store. >> there was a man behind the counter with a hood up. definitely didn't look like. >> massachusetts trooper john mckinneyon watching to the cvs
11:56 am
when the clerk told him something strange was happening by the pharmacy. >> i pulled my handgun and said let me see your hands. he looked at me and ran out. the chase was on. >> reporter: he caught up with the man and blasted him in the face with pepper spray and faces charges after investigators say he demanded painkillers. to california, a cheating scandal in a school. several students at corona accused of buying test results on they found the book including questions and answers. school officials said one student even tried to sell the material to classmates. by the way, these test documents are not on amazon anymore. in chicago, 85 lotto winners crashed in their checks around christmas and they bounced. l.a. lottery officials said checks totalling $159,000 did
11:57 am
not have the proper security authorization. they blame short staffing because of the holidays. but they do plan to pay the winners, plus they will be reimbursed for any bank fees. tonight 26 people will be honored for significant contributions to the african-american community during the 20th annual trumpet awards in atlanta. one other than he's is cory booker. he explained why the recognition it gives is so important. >> i think they are a remarkable foundation that is keeping people focused on the breadth of african-american contributions. not just with the black community but really contributions to the country. i've been watching the trumpet awards for years and years and years, seeing people who have inspired me, who have instructed
11:58 am
me, who helped sustain me along my journey. it's a privilege today to be really a part of that great community they have created. >> in addition to being the mayor you're a community leader, a positive role model. what makes a good leader. >> leaders are about not the traditional sense of leading people but demonstrating through your actions not necessarily what you do but what you say. i think the best leaders in the african-american communities are the people that awakened in you the understanding that you, too, can be a leader. that's what's really important. >> you were talking to kids in newark that want to pursue a career in politics, what advice would you give them. >> i tell people life is not about pursuing a position but a purpose and passion, especially for the generation coming up. they will have 10 or 20 jobs in their career. if they keep their moral compass fixed and pursue with a great passion the purpose of their lives, to figure that out, then
11:59 am
the world will come to them. and what we really need to be doing in america as a whole is preparing all of our children, giving them the solid foundation through education, early childhood education so they can achieve whatever they set their minds to. >> technology is something you use a lot. i want to read something you've tweeted recently. last year you tweeted during a blizzard and help reassure stranded residents of newark. wasn't to read tweets from yesterday. we're working hard two solve what's still too big of a problem in new jersey. but we're making progress. car jacksonings down 50%. you said you inspire, doing the same in spiritual deed improving diet and fitness making time for exercise and cut out processed sugar. we've seen politicians very recently tweet inappropriately and lost their jobs because of it. how important is technology and things like twitter? >> it's an invaluable tool. i feel very proud that over a


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